Elon Musk the World Genius vs. Jacob the Biblical Patriarch

Elon Musk is hailed by the world for his success in unprecedented business ventures. He’s taking on NASA and chief automobile manufacturers and doing it better and wiser than they ever did. He looks to be one of the greatest men of our generation. According to the measure of the world, the man is as successful in this life as could ever be possible.

Mr. Musk’s Legacy of Worldly Success

With cars that drive themselves and rockets into space giving anyone with the funds a chance to be an astronaut, it seems that we’re more advanced and successful than we’ve ever been. We’ve advanced to a point where the impossible is possible, and Elon Musk is one of the leaders of that scientific development.

It appears as though Elon has won the game of life. But, if we look a little deeper into some history in the Bible, we may be surprised at just what winning life is, and at how it can be won.

A Look at Jacob the Patriarch of Israel

One of the great patriarchs, a man of the Bible, Jacob is the father of the twelve tribes of Israel. He lived in Old Testament times and was the grandson of Abraham. According to the Bible, Israel will one day rule the earth, with Jesus Christ and God as the rulers of all things in that nation.

So, the man Jacob looks to be quite influential and successful himself. But, if you take a look at his life, you’ll see a humility and lowliness of heart that is not matched by the leaders of this world.

The Bible says that Jacob was a plain man who dwelt in tents, and that his nature was pleasing to God. He followed the leading of God, and he made his whole life about God. In his journey to find a wife from among the people of his parent’s heritage, he slept with a rock for his pillow. When he found his wife, he served her father seven years to take her to him. Her father tricked him and gave him her sister, so he served him seven more years to wed the one he favored, Rachel.

He was so humble that it didn’t occur to him that this length of service may have been unjustly long. The Bible says that for his love of Rachel, it seemed to him a few days. God loved Jacob for this humility and He has rewarded him for it.

What Has Jacob Earned for this Humble Mindset?

Because of Jacob’s humble nature, God promised him that his children would be the rulers of the earth. This will come to pass on the New Earth when Jesus and the Jews are ruling, and it also occurred in Old Testament times as king David and others (whose lineage came from Jacob) ruled Israel. It’s remarkable that a man who is so meager in his own mind would find his way to ruling the earth by God’s will. Because he pleased God, he’ll live eternally with the blessings that God has for him.

Valuing Success from the Eternal Perspective

So, back to Elon Musk, the great man among men who is at the top of this world. While he’s building a tremendous fortune and reputation and acclaim on this earth, will he be able to take it with him when he passes on? Do his self-driving autos and rockets to other planets have the ability to deliver him, or any man, to eternal life?

God’s Plan for Man Earns Us Eternal Life

God has instructed us in the Bible to love our neighbors as ourselves, to do no harm, to renounce greed and seeking power, and to instead choose humility and lowliness. Even Jesus Christ, the Lord of all creation, came to earth as a servant, giving of his life to help others.

Eternal life is promised in the Bible for all people who seek God in the way that He intends for them to do so. That way that leads to eternal life is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The gospel states that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He died and rose again to life, defeating death forever. By confessing this belief to God and repenting of our old lives of pursuing sin and worldliness, we can be saved forever, and win the game of life as it truly is on this earth. For more on the gospel, view this article.

Are You Choosing The World’s Way or God’s Way?

Jacob has earned eternal life for how he lived in Old Testament times. Are we living up to God’s standards in the New Testament times of today? Are we trying to be like the leaders of this world such as Elon Musk, or are we trying to follow the example of Jesus and men of God in the Bible? Are we living lives that please God, or are we seeking to please the people of the world? Jacob’s example can help to show us just what is valuable in this life, and in the next.

God gave us this wonderful earth to live on, but it will soon pass away. With this in mind, eternal good works like sharing the gospel on the narrow way are the only right course to choose in this passing time. If you haven’t yet, do repent and believe the gospel, and turn to seeking and serving God. You’ll be on the road to eternal life, leaving this passing world behind.

Elon’s winning the world over, but winning God’s favor through Jesus Christ is the only sure win for eternity.

Closing Prayer

I pray that everyone who can be helped by this article has a chance to read it, that all men on earth turn to God through believing and confessing Christ, and that your life is blessed in such a way that the truth of the gospel becomes clear to you. God bless you. Amen.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to say. God bless!

Photo Source: FreeImages.com/Tatiana Bolshakova

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