The Crucible of Narrow Way Evangelism — and the Works It’s Forged

It was a road of affliction. I was in agony apart from God, with no one to guide me in life. I’d been fleeing from God for eight years, since the year 2001. I felt like I was an apostate Christian, unable to be reconciled with God.

But, something changed. In 2009, I began to sense that God was reaching out to me, and it started to dawn on me who God really is. I saw that, if God loved me despite my years of doing evil, He really is a God of love and goodness, merciful to forgive the errors of men.

The day that I saw that He is love, truly, not the cruel person I’d thought He was, I earnestly reached out to Him, and I felt his presence return to me. I felt the Holy Spirit’s comfort and peace for the first time in eight long years.

And, I spoke with God. He told me to follow His lead. I knew that I needed to act in obedience to Him to stay true to the narrow way I’d regained a foothold on. So, in obedience to Him, I left the house where I was staying and hopped on a bus to the city.

The First Three Days Back on the Narrow Way, Preaching Christ Jesus

With God leading, the first steps I took were the same that God had expected of me in 2001 — He led me to share the gospel. I felt strong fear, but I broke through the fear and spent the first three days of that period preaching the gospel in my hometown. I slept on the streets, yet I was enraptured by the relief of knowing I’d found the true, purifying narrow way.

With God on my side, and me on God and Jesus’ side, I knew the road ahead was going to be an adventure, a purifying crucible, and a course leading straight through the pearly gates. I also knew I needed to stay true to God’s lead on the narrow way. I’d found God for sure, and His Son Jesus Christ truly became the Lord of my life.

Nine Years Later — Unique, Free Narrow-Way-Forged Gospel Works

Unto today I’ve spent every moment of my life serving God. Jesus Christ has been my strength and my song, and God has led me in evangelism for the duration.

Along the way, I scribbled up these works I’ve been using for evangelism. Over time, they’ve been doctrinally purified through my own experience of the crucible of persecution on the narrow way. There have been many versions of each as I’ve revised them, and today they are excellent ministry tools.

I made them for my own evangelism, but God has led more and more for them to become available to brethren. I’m offering them for free. Here they are:

EndtimesVictory org Chart of Christian Development May 2018 small

Christian Development Chart

Mark Image End Times Warning Flyer small

End Times Flyer on Mark and Image

Gospel Flyer small

Witnessing Flyers

Drugs Gospel Witness small

Drugs Witness

Witnessing Cards small

Witnessing Cards

They’re Printable and Free

These are witnessing materials that you can print and share in any way.

I’m excited for these flyers and Christian studies to spread and for Jesus Christ to be glorified through their message.

Feel free to ask any questions, leave comments, or suggest changes to these documents. I’ll prayerfully consider any suggestions with the Received Text and its Bibles as the foremost guide.

Comment here or contact me if you’d like to.

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